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    Who We Are

    Kim Green Dental Hygiene is an independent hygiene practice with a team of three Registered Dental Hygienists with over 40 years of experience combined. Our office has been serving the community of Ponoka for over a decade. We are always striving to improve your dental hygiene experience by attending conferences and classes to learn about the newest techniques, technologies, and products. Our compassionate and professional team is dedicated to providing a relaxing dental care experience for all of our patients.


    We prioritize preventative dental hygiene care with gentle and effective techniques. We ensure that you and your family will feel relaxed, comfortable, and well cared for before, during, and after your appointments. We do our best to keep our services affordable by keeping our prices in alignment with the dental fee guidelines set out by the province each year.


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    Preventative Dental Hygiene
    We offer preventative dental services such as checkups, silver diamine fluoride, scaling, root planning, fluoride varnish, desensitizing, and more. We are happy to collaborate and refer to other healthcare practitioners when other treatments are needed.
    A.R.T. – Atraumatic Restorative Therapy
    Atraumatic Restorative Therapy is an option that we have available to treat cavities without anesthetic or drills to provide a temporary solution to relieve discomfort.
    Oral Health Instruction
    Our hygienists can help you maintain good oral health between appointments. This includes recommendations on oral care tools and techniques that will work best with your smile.
    Silver Diamine Fluoride
    Silver Diamine Fluoride is an effective application for the treatment of hypersensitivity and tooth decay. This treatment has been used extensively around the globe for decades, due to its simple and pain-free application.
    Teeth Whitening
    We offer three different types of teeth whitening, with each option helping you reach your goal of getting a brighter smile. We have in-office teeth whitening and two at-home options. Our at-home options include a customized set of trays for use at night, and the other option is a set of 10 disposable trays for daytime use. These three options are great for those with differing needs and budgets
    Oral Cancer Screenings
    During every hygiene appointment, our hygienists perform a full head and neck exam and an oral cancer screening. This oral cancer screening utilizes a Veloscope, helping identify early signs of abnormal developments.
    Custom Fit Mouthguards
    Anyone who plays a contact or high-intensity sport could benefit from a well-designed custom fit mouth guard. This is a great option for protecting the jaw joints from injury and reducing the risk of tooth fracture.
    May Reminder
    Kim Green Dental Hygiene - Ponoka
    Children's Teeth - Brushing your child’s teeth can be a struggle, but there are simple tips and tricks to make the process easier for everyone. Visit our website and check out our Health Tips for useful tips and information.
    Evening and Saturday appointments available. New Guests are always welcome.
    Bringing in your children for check ups and teeth cleanings at a young age can help get them comfortable for dental cleaning services in the future. We offer a variety of strategies for parents to help with caring for their children’s dental care needs.
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