Seasons Retirement Community
    Stephanie Waldron
    4004 - 40 Street Close
    Ponoka , Ab T4J 0A3
    Health Care
    MEMBER, Local Chamber of Commerce
    Who We Are

    Located in the Riverside area, in a quiet, mature area of town, Seasons Ponoka Retirement Community is a retirement home that offers beautiful views of its tranquil setting. From independent apartments with full kitchens to suites where residents enjoy our dining and housekeeping services, Seasons Ponoka offers local seniors ample choice in their retirement lifestyle. 


    Our management team has extensive experience in the senior housing sector and has developed a culture that is dedicated to providing residents with superior customer service.

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    Supportive Housing
    Supportive Housing suites allow you to enjoy an enriching lifestyle while having the peace of mind and sense of security that comes from knowing additional services are available within the community should the need arise.
    Designated Supportive Living Level 4
    DSL4 is suitable for individuals with more complex medical needs that are predictable and safely managed with onsite, professional nursing (LPN level) and the direction of the case manager.
    Independent Living
    Some of our communities have townhouses and apartments with full kitchens. They are designed for those who wish to live independently in a community designed for older adults with access to social or recreational programming. Ask us about this service as it is not available in all locations.
    Supportive Living
    Supportive living combines the privacy you enjoy with a wide array of lifestyle choices and services included. We promote wellness and independence in a supportive environment. Should you require additional support or your needs change, we can offer you the peace of mind knowing that services are available in the privacy of your own home.
    We have a TIPS page on our website!
    Seasons offers a range of options to meet our residents’ varied and evolving needs.
    Business Tips
    Volunteer - Seasons Retirement Community - Ponoka
    Older adults who volunteer, have higher levels of well-being. Participate in services geared towards your individual abilities and interests.
    Exercise is Ageless - Seasons Retirement Community - Ponoka
    Exercise causes the body to release “feel good” hormones called endorphins, which combat stress.
    Stay Social - Seasons Retirement Community - Ponoka
    Regardless of age, social connection is a key factor affecting a person’s overall happiness and well-being.
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