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At Ponoka Physiotherapy we have completed further training and certification to offer:

  • Baseline concussion testing and post concussion care. Our relationship with 'Complete Concussion Management' affords us the ability to provide current evidence based protocols to our athletes.
  • Computerized Custom Orthotics and Footwear. Working with both 'Footmaxx' and with 'The Orthotic Group' we can provide custom orthotics at affordable prices.
  • Ordering of X-Rays and MRIs. Of the 305 Physiotherapists that are certified to order x-rays, we are the only physiotherapy clinic who can do so in Ponoka.

We pride ourselves in our treatment as well as our Patient relationships. We have treated patients with all types of injuries and ailments.

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Concussion Management
A concussion is a disruption in neurological functioning following a significant impact to the head or elsewhere on the body. This causes a biochemical imbalance within brain cells as well as decreased blood flow and temporary energy deficits within the brain. Studies have shown that any activity, both mental and physical, in the immediate days following concussion can delay the process of recovery and should be avoided until the athlete is completely symptom free.
Acupuncture Treatment
The history of acupuncture dates back to 6000BC. Trained in the art of acupuncture by Acupuncture Canada allows us to successfully use this ancient form of healing as an adjunct or standalone treatment to a myriad of different conditions and problems. We use acupuncture for the management of acute and well as chronic problems. Tight muscles, ankle sprains and arthritis are just some of theses problems that may respond favorably to acupuncture.
Exercise Rehabilitation
Our expanded facility allows us to rehabilitate an injury through all stages of recovery. Initial assessment for an acute injury to the final stages of establishing a home program leads to successful complete recovery. Our team consists of certified Physiotherapists, Physiotherapy Assistants, Personal Trainers and Yoga Instructors.
Physiotherapy Assessment
A proper assessment is the backbone of a successful rehabilitation plan. With over 45 years of learning and numerous courses being continually taken by our PTs we are able to offer a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to meet your goals.
Shock Therapy
WCB Rehabilitiation
We are the only WCB accredited facility in Ponoka to offer services to injured workers. With completion of courses specific to the demands of injured workers we are able to manage injured workers without them having to leave the community.
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Ponoka Physiotherapy & Acupuncture - Ponoka
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Ponoka Physiotherapy & Acupuncture
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Ponoka Physiotherapy & Acupuncture
Our phsyiotherapy clinic is certified to order x-rays and MRI's if the need arises.
The field of Physio, like all of medicine, is advancing so fast. The management of tendinitis for instance ( think Achilles Tendon or Tennis Elbow ) is no longer thought of as an inflammatory disorder but rather as a degenerative one. Our treatments have thus changed to improve load tolerance to effect recovery, getting clients back to doing things they love, painfree and sooner. 
-- Calvin David - Ponoka Physiotherapy & Acupuncture
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