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The team at Under Pressure Line Jetting from Ponoka are your Sewer Backup & Tree Removal Specialists!  We service central Alberta with our High Pressure Line Jetting equipment and sewer video camera for sewer backups, plugged or frozen septic tanks, water/sewer line & culvert thawing.  New to our fleet is a 60ft bucket truck, chipper and stump grinder for your tree services. 


We are your sewer backup & tree removal specialists.   Call us for more information.

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Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc.
Open For Business
3/1/2021 - 3/7/2021
 Available on weekends for emergencies.  Call us for an appointment.
Tree & Stump Removal
We have a 60 ft bucket truck with a chipper and stump grinder.
  • Complete Tree Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Trimming
  • Chipping
We Stump our Competition
High Pressure Sewer Line Cleaning
Are you having a SEWER BACKUP? The only way to thoroughly clear a blockage in a sewer line is to use high pressure water through a hose and a nozzle - 'Line Jetting'. Whether this is due to tree roots, grease, a dip/sag in the line we can blast it clear. We have 1000 ft of hose. We service residential, commercial, municipal and agricultural.
Line & Culvert Thawing
We have boiler on our jetter unit to thaw water and sewer line as well as culverts.
Line Locating
Planning a project in your yard or on your farm/acreage? We have the line locating equipment to locate any form of secondary underground lines, whether its gas, power, phone, water or sewer. Call before you dig.
Root/Grease Removal & Control
We all love trees, however, the root system beneath a huge tree can be very problematic for your underground infrastructure. Our high pressure jetting equipment and special nozzles can remove those roots and the grease hanging on to them. Once we clean all those roots from your line, we can then treat the line with a herbicide for further control, and killing the roots even on the outside of the pipe for some time.
Sewer Camera Video Inspection
The Sewer Camera is like watching a high definition, color TV that shows what the issue in your sewer line is (roots, toilet paper, cracked pipe, and more).
February Reminder
Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc. - Ponoka
Stay Warm - But if something underground freezes up let us know and we can help.
Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc.
Licensed and Insured Experts, Guaranteed Workmanship, Quality Customer Service, No Hassle Guarantee.
Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc.
To clear a clogged sewer line, a nozzle with a forward jet(s) is used. The forward jet is design to bore into the blockage to allow the rear jets with more flow to remove the bulk or remainder of the blockage.
Business Tips
Pro Tip - Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc. - Ponoka
Do NOT put anything into your toilet other than the 4 P's - Pee, Poop, Puke, and Paper (Toilet paper, RV or septic grade)
Strange Noises - Under Pressure Line Jetting Inc. - Ponoka
If your toilet is making gurgling noises or bubbling this could be the sign of a potential sewer backup and you need to give us a call.
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