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Stephanie Waldron
Support Services
Seasons Retirement Community
4004 - 40 Street Close , Ponoka Ab
Seasons Ponoka offers beautiful views of its tranquil setting. A continuum of care with a variety of living options, Seasons Ponoka caters to the different care needs and preferences of our residents.
Featured Business
Kim Green
Health Care
Kim Green Dental Hygiene
6110 48 Avenue #3 , Ponoka Ab
Our compassionate and professional team is dedicated to providing a spa-like, dental care experience for all of our patients.
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What I like about my current role is I get to help people. People don't usually come to my office when they are happy. They usually have an issue or a problem. I get to try and help fix the problem. I love talking and getting to know people in this community and the surrounding area. Seeing a happy individual or family driving away with their new vehicle with giant smiles on their face.  That is what makes this job so worth it!
-- Jae Stiles - Ponoka Chrysler Jeep Dodge
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