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Barry Grant
LiveCommunities , Bowden Ab
Linking Communities with a focus on local small business - A Business Directory with tools that are helpful to customers and allow businesses to tell their story. #smallbizawesomeness
Featured Business
Alison Fieguth
Support Services
Photography By Alison
Box 931 , Bowden Ab
Central Alberta Photographer, located in Bowden. Available For Family, Children, Maternity, Couples and more.
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LiveVentures - Ponoka
Start Your Business Profile - It's an all inclusive package. Who you are, what are your services, reminders, what's new, brands you carry, featured menu items, a patio guide, daily events and more.
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Expose your business on LiveCommunities.  Do you sell the best darn cookies in town? Can your staff juggle lemons while making lemonade? Is your furniture hand-made by a monk in the Himalayas? Every business has quirks – those little things that keep your customers coming back for more – show them off on a Live business portal. [ join here ]
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